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Why Achieving the Dream of Homeownership Can Be More Difficult for Some Americans

Why Achieving the Dream of Homeownership Can Be More Difficult for Some Americans | Simplifying The MarketToday we take time to honor and recognize the past and present experiences of Black Americans. When it comes to real estate specifically, equitable access to housing has come a long way, but the path to homeownership is still steeper for households of color. The Gap in Homeownership Rate in America It’s a more challenging […]

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The Kerpan Group at Benchmark Mortgage [Real Producers Magazine – June 2022]

What Community Are You Passionate About?

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Spend any time chatting with Nathan and Jennifer Kerpan, and they are likely to ask you this question: “What community are you passionate about?”

Born from genuine curiosity, the Kerpans and their team, The Kerpan Group at Benchmark Mortgage, always seek ways to build value into the community and are constantly on the lookout for partners and clients who operate the same way!

Nathan says, “Community can take many forms. Whether you’re seeking community for your next home, a friend group, one of cultural distinctiveness, or you have a passion for serving and volunteering, community has significant importance and uniqueness to each and every one of us!”

For Jennifer and Nathan, the namesakes of The Kerpan Group at Benchmark Mortgage, the community they’re most passionate about is that of HEROEs! Not necessarily the Marvel or DC superhero type, even though Nathan loves a great movie from the various universes and really considers himself a sci-fi nerd at heart.

Nathan and Jennifer emphasize, “Our passion rests with our ‘Community HEROES!’ While all members of the community carry significance, without these HEROES, our semblance of the American Dream would crumble and fade away in short order! These HEROES are so important that we consider them the four cornerstones of our community!”

These heroes are members, past and present, of our…
• United States Military
• First Responders
• Educators
• and Medical Professionals

Lear More at: Heroes.ChampTheDream.com

Nathan further adds, “The core values these HEROES exhibit are fundamental to what makes America great!”

Having a heart in service to this community is what drives The Kerpan Group and Benchmark Mortgage! As Nathan emphasizes, “Our daily works at Benchmark are about so much more than mortgages!”

In fact, Benchmark Mortgage and The Kerpan Group have spent more than a decade of its 23-year march to prominence, raising millions for and specifically bringing awareness to honoring and supporting our military and first responder HEROES! Through events like its annual Boot’n & Shoot’n, they support families who have paid the ultimate sacrifice and those who continue to fight the battle here at home with traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic stress.

Learn More at: BootShoot.com

Unfortunately, it’s become evident that the American Dream is fleeting for some of our HEROES in this historic real estate market. Some are in jeopardy of not achieving their very own piece of the American Dream. In response, Benchmark has launched a nationwide Plant Your Flag tour!

Led by Benchmark’s very own and brought to you by The Kerpan Group, it’s our mission to support our military and veteran community!

Save the Date: Sept. 21, 2022 – Plant Your Flag Tour – St. Louis!

Get added to the guest list and call or text 314-551-9587. Don’t miss this opportunity!

Further evidencing their passion for these HEROES, in 2015, Nathan and Jennifer crafted their own “4-HEROES” program! This program applies up to $6,200 in possible lender credits as a part of their home financing with Benchmark!

Bearing applicants meet everyday lending qualification, these credits may be paired with any type of funded loan The Kerpan Group at Benchmark Mortgage offers! Unlike similar industry programs, when you work with The Kerpan Group, participation in the “4-HEROES” program complements your partnership without impacting your pocketbook.

“Our goal is to let our HEROES know we acknowledge their service and wish to help them keep more of their hard earned savings in their pocket!”

Nathan continues, “Our mission is to get more than 10K people on the path to smart homeownership by 2030! We do this by helping people make smart decisions every day about buying, selling, or refinancing their home(s). Once people realize smart homeownership is a journey that begins before they buy, changes with the many seasons of life, and ends only when you live and have the ability to leave a lasting legacy, they realize there is so much more at stake to this than a mere cheeseburger and French fry transaction!”

This is why Nathan encourages everyone to experience his team and their coach approach. The method their team uses to come alongside each client and serve as a guide helps navigate them to success! Better yet, when clients are given the choice between coach approach and an order taker, more than 80% select The Kerpan Group’s Core Value Experience powered by the coach approach!

Coupled with their strategic partnership with Benchmark Mortgage as one of the nation’s leading full-service mortgage bankers and brokerages, it’s easy to see how all the bases are covered!

It is no surprise that Nathan and Jennifer have come alongside thousands of individuals and families over the past 22 years, 14 of that spent partnered with Benchmark Mortgage.

Are you a “Champion for the American Dream”? Call / Text 314-551-9587, and Nathan would love to hear what community you are passionate about!